About ON-AIR

We’ve been around a long time, in a number of incarnations. Since November of 2010, we have been pioneers in podcasting. Offering what many say was the best talk radio and podcast content on the internet.

We were also the first to offer an entire lineup of professionally produced daily broadcasts, both in-house and by outside contract covering a wide range of topics and interests run on a regular daily broadcast schedule.

We were the first (to our knowledge) of doing remote coverage of various events, including movie premieres and trade shows.

We were the first to build a network of other internet broadcasters who regularly rebroadcasted our content on their channels to attract more listeners.

We were the first to offer and supply terrestrial radio stations with professionally produced audio content including shows, commercials and imaging.

We were the first to attain actual brand advertisers and show sponsors thanks in part to our commitment of FCC self regulation, ensuring all shows and content under our brands maintained FCC compliance.

We were also among the very first purely internet based broadcasters to do regular inserts for commercial network television with daily contributor/commentary/opinion segments for FOX 11 RENO where we supplied 2 hosts for “What’s Trending” with Melissa Carlson, and TMZ for their daily noon hour updates.

In addition, we were among the first to offer the same “broadcast quality” regularly scheduled, professionally produced live stream programming on the internet always in HD.

Now, 11 years after our first broadcast, we’re still going strong under the OnAir Media banner.


Our founders, media couple Christopher and Kathryn Taylor bring a combined entertainment industry experience of 34 years with them as they continue to deliver top level content to the world via the world wide web.