Battlefield America™


The war rages on!

Join kate and Crash as they take on the issues that matter to America every week. One uses finesse and unwavering logic, the other takes a more direct approach making for some fantastic talk radio. Give Battlefield America™ a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

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About StraightTalk™

StraightTalk was originally aired on the internet in November of 2010 on BlogTalkRadio.

Broadcasting from HTLA Radio 1 New York, StraightTalk originally consisted of a show host (kate Taylor) and a panel of experts ranging from blue collar Americans, to political contributors and even a licensed psychologist.

In 2012, the show was reformatted to a two host format. kate’s husband Chris who had a few things to say about the societal dysfunction and overall decline of America, joined his wife and began what would be that station’s #1 show for the next 4 years!

In 2017, the hosts left HTLA and New York City and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, the couple has returned to the airwaves at WSPC Radio Charlotte and brought their shows along for the ride.

We hope you enjoy their broadcasts and take part in the conversation.

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